~ come live the fantasy ~

Eric Bogle

Is there anyone who's never dreamed of a vanished age of knights and kings,
When magic danced along the wind, enchanters flew on dragon's wing.
A seed grew in the hearts of men, the first bright flower of chivalry,
And past and present were as one, reaching for infinity.

But in this cold computer age, we fear the future, scorn the past,
And stumble on from day to day, in a world where nothing seems to last.
What can't be proved must be believed, legends are lies to be dismissed,
Excalibur rusts in its sheath, and Camelot does not exist.

So Lady will you go with me, and leave this barren world behind.
It has no place for such as we, we're out of fashion, out of time.
If you will be my Guinevere, I'll try to be your Lancelot,
Through storms and shadows we shall steer, and come at last to Camelot.

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