Our goal is to maintain SoE as a medieval fantasy based chat site where all are strongly encouraged to don the raiments of a time long past and submerge themselves in the romantic history, myths and dreams of lore. To further this goal, Travellers are asked to keep a medieval theme and time period in mind when creating their public rooms and characters.

Here, Fantasy reigns supreme and one may choose to be anything that lives within the Realm of Imagination. Clothe yourself in the armor of a noble Knight or the sturdy garb of a hard~working Peasant. You can attire yourself in the richness of a Queen's gown or the plainess of a Stable~hand's britches.

Stalk the night as a Vampire; protect your hoard as a Dragon. Be a Soldier or a Lord; a Witch, a Faerie or a Magician. A Midwife, a Sheik or a fortune~telling Gypsy. Your imagination is the only limit for all such roles are welcome here.

We invite you to leave your mundane cares, step back in time and carve your own little niche in our world.
A world of fantasy, romance, old~world customs and chivalry where all are welcome.

We ask that all temper their right to free speech with courtesy
~ Do and say unto others as you would have done and said unto you ~

~ Welcome to your State of Enchantment ~

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